Limited Edition Wrapping Paper

Deck Your Halls

We're breaking out the sweaters and digging up those Holiday's Christmas prepping time.

It may only be Thanksgiving but under that Turkey covered table knees are bouncing with the anticipation of Holiday Gift Shopping. Fear not my fellow early preppers for Teluna has your Holiday shopping covered...with wrapping paper! We're introducing our three brand new, limited edition, hand painted designs to fill your ever wrapping paper need. It's so pretty we might even use it for decoration!

Don't be the person who buys gifts on December 24th; be the well prepared family member who gets to sit back and enjoy the "special" eggnog watching everyone else scurry around. Let Teluna help you cross off part of your list with something for everyone and the paper to wrap it in. Prints, pillows, headbands, you name it, Teluna has something for each person on your list! Don't hesitate! There's only a limited amount of rolls being sold!

So queue the Holiday mind set and order your Teluna wrapping paper and gifts today. It's time to get prepping!

Happy Holidays,

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