Palo Santo Bundle

$ 12.00

Sourced from Ecuadorian reserves, these Palo Santo bundles are made using ethically and sustainable harvested Palo Santo wood. Light and use to bring positive cleansing energy into your home and deepen your moments of meditation. Palo Santo is used to release negative energies, ease stress and have a cleansing affect on your body, mind, and space.

Holy hell do these smell amazing!!


  • Each bundle contains 3 Palo Santo wood sticks wrapped in cotton string.
  • Each stick measures about 4" long and varies in thickness.
  • Our Palo Santo sticks come from trees that have naturally fallen and left to dry for some time.
  • Wood extracted from local communities in Ecuadorian reserves.
  • Process promotes reforestation of the tree itself and the economic welfare of local communities.

How to use

Create a stress free space and light-up a smudge stick! Light the stick and when it starts to smoke, cleanse yourself and your space with the smoke and aroma. Start at your front door and move from room to room creating circular motions with your Palo Santo stick allowing the smoke to enter each space and remove negative energies. Place your smudge stick in a bowl for future use.