Custom Champagne Bottles

Custom Hand Painted Champagne Bottles

Personalized, one-of-a-kind gift that will last long after the bottle is popped! Great for any celebration, big or small!

Weddings & Engagements
Bridesmaids Gifts
Bubbles along your head wedding table
Custom Cocktail Bar
Thank You Gifts and so much more!
Base Price $190
Monogram with optional crest
floral pattern
*additional symbols or landmarks range from $210 - $250 total


These prices are the same for any 750ml bottle.

Please note that bottle orders open on a monthly basis. Orders are currently open! yay!

*Please avoid chilling these bottles. Chilling it causes condensation to form underneath the paint and sitting in a fridge or ice bucket will cause paint to bubble.

*These prices DO NOT include the bottle itself. I can paint any liquor/wine bottle of your choice.

*If you have a particular design in mind and do not see it listed on here / or are confused about the descriptions - please reach out! I’d be happy to clarify and/or work with you to come up with a style that suits your vision!


Interested in a bottle? Let's chat more! Reach out via email with title: Champagne Bottle


Interested in a pre-painted bottle? Check out this link to browse styles that are currently available for purchase!

*These prices include the design fee + the price of the Veuve bottle itself.

*Payment is not due at submission! After I receive your submission, I will reach out with further payment instructions.

*If you want to add any customizations, we will discuss those and final price. Payment will be due prior to adding customizations to your pre-approved bottle.

Can't wait to make your event that much more special!