Here at Teluna, we help you create your dream product with custom artwork and calligraphy. Live calligraphy events, wedding invitations, baby showers, event signage, bachelorette shirts, business packaging, custom logos, you name it, I've got you covered.

Hand painted Champagne Bottles - see more details here
Teluna Hand Painted Veuve Clicquot Champagne
Live Calligraphy Events
Live Calligraphy Artist Teluna
Event Greeting Cards
Custom greeting card
Tank Tops
 Reach out via email or on our contact page. Specify what you're looking for and details you have in mind. I can help suggest ideas if needed. Once submitted, I will send over a tailored proposal and if things look good, we make things official with a 50% retainer.

No. 2
The retainer has been received and you're on the design calendar - YAY! We will discuss what you're looking for via email questionnaire or hop on a call. Post consultation you’ll receive a mood board with your color palette, design aesthetic, and rough design sketches.

Refining the design. You’ll receive proofs along the way to make sure everything is just how you envision it.

No. 4
After finalizing the mockup proofs, you'll send your files to the print shop and production begins! Woohoo!

No. 5
You have a one of a kind design perfect for you and your special life moment!
We love being challenged creatively and would love to help bring your vision to life.