• Blue fabric face mask
  • blue fabric face mask
  • blue fabric face mask

Blue Dots Fabric Face Mask

$ 17.00

$ 5.00

Product Description

This mask is fitted with an easily collapsable accordion sewn style that expands big enough to cover your nose and mouth. The fabric is thick, for safety, but still breathable with a pocket to insert your own filter. (filters not provided with purchase)

The pattern is an original hand-drawn design that is eco-friendly digitally printed in the U.S. onto 100% natural heavyweight denim cotton fabric. The pieces that go around your ears are made of a soft jersey knit fabric. 

Machine washable and hang dry.

These are not surgical masks and are not a substitute for doctor recommended hygiene procedures. These masks will not 100% prevent you from getting Covid-19 or any other disease or virus. A properly fitted face mask is meant to prevent spread; the risk of illness is not eliminated by wearing one. All social distancing recommendations given by CDC should continue to be followed and this mask should not be means to not follow state, local, and national orders on suggested social distancing or other protective equipment suggestions. By purchasing this mask, you agree that you understand this and will not hold Teluna responsible.