I love getting and sending greeting cards. (Hence starting a stationery shop ūü•į) I keep special ones in my files and occasionally glance through them when I add a new one. It got me thinking, is there something I could do with these rather than just keeping them in a box? So I came up with¬†a list of 10 creative ways to repurpose greeting cards! Not only can you enjoy the cards longer, they can make for fun earth-friendly gifts too. Here's what I came up with:

1. Frame it! I've had many customers tell me they have our You Matter card framed to look at daily.

2. Put them in a scrapbook. You can cut out your favorite part or use it as background art on a page.

3. Does the card have a beautiful pattern? Cut it into gift tags! Simply cut out the shape you like, punch a hole in the top and tie to your gift with a string.

4. Cut off the back and glue the front to a gift bag. This would be great for birthdays, Christmas, thank you gifts, housewarming gifts and more!

5. DIY Ornaments! Cut out the main design or pattern and glue it onto a piece of wood or blank ceramic ornament to make a recycled card ornament.

6. Create Christmas home decor by modge podging (I think that's a word haha) the front of a Christmas card onto a block of wood.

7. Make a wreath! This would be really fun with Valentine's Day cards. Cut hearts and fun shapes from your red and pink colored cards, glue to a circle cut out from cardboard and use as decoration next Valentine's Day.

8. DIY coasters! Cut out your favorite part of the card design and Modge Podge onto blank cork coasters for fun decorate coasters.

9. Create DIY gift card holders. This would work with any card, graduation, wedding, Christmas and more. Here's an easy tutorial https://organized31.com/diy-gift-card-holders/

10. DIY bookmarks! Simply cut out a rectangular shape from your favorite section of your card and use while reading your next book!

Hope you love and get to try out some of these ideas! Tag @teluna on Instagram if you do, I'd love to see how your repurpose your favorite Teluna cards!

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