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  • 10 Simple Changes To Make You Happier At Home

    Our homes are our safe spaces, our refuge. Home is a relief at the end of the day where we can take off our shoes, (and bras), let down our hair and just be. We can decorate it as we please and make it our own extension of who we are. But what happens when we don't feel like this at home? When t... View Post
  • Home Decor for Plant Lovers

    Hello, my name is Diana and I'm addicted to plants. Now that I got that off my chest, let's talk plants, home decor and how to combine the too. Plants breathe life into a home and keep your air clean. Houseplants aren't just decoration, they're a symbol of a home. Someone lives here, someone care... View Post
  • How To Get An Urban Jungle Vibe In Your Master Bedroom

    Find the perfect pieces to create an urban jungle vibe in your master bedroom or living room. Everyone wants to bring the chill beach and wild jungle inside without just filling their houses with plants or getting too nautical beachy with the decor. View Post