How To Get An Urban Jungle Vibe In Your Master Bedroom

The Urban Jungle laid back vibe is a very popular design aspiration these days. Everyone wants to bring the chill beach and wild jungle inside without just filling their houses with plants or getting too nautical beachy with the decor. It can be a struggle to find pieces that flow well together. One of my favorite ways to build a room around this design goal is natural lighting and thrifted eclectic treasures. But no worries if you’re not the thrifter type! You can quickly add in those touches of boho colors and urban jungle feels with the pieces of hand-picked for you below. Throw in plants, your already owned items like that record collection and you’ll be refusing to live anywhere but your urban jungle vibe master bedroom in no time.

urban jungle master bedroom living room

urban jungle master bedroom throw pillows

Your home should be an oasis for you. A place to relax; that, if you’re like me, will be constantly changing to keep it a fun and interesting space. There’s nothing better than hosting loved ones and hearing them say there are always new things to look at and experience in your home. Use these pieces to fill your space with lots of texture, pops of color, and of course plenty of urban jungle vibes.

Sunburst Mirror / Teluna-Jungle Woman Print Series /  Orange Annabel Rug /Teluna- Throw Pillows /  Asnel Table Lamp / Felipe PomPom Throw / Adrano Platform Bed / Teluna-That Plant Life Print / Rose Quartz Crystal Air Planter / Ceramic Vase



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