Crayons for every skin tone

As an artist and stationery lover, I'm constantly looking for new supplies; brushes, paints, sketch books, markers, calligraphy pens, you name it. While searching I happened upon a beautiful brand called All Of Us, created by Sabine. All Of Us creates a set of richly pigmented beeswax crayons in 8 skin tone colors.

Sabine started creating these crayons after not having a crayon color she thought accurately represented her grandmother when her daughter asked her to draw a picture of her. While yes, brands like Crayola came out with a wide variety of skin tone crayons back in the 90s, what's just as important to Sabine's crayons is their natural beeswax non-paraffin crayons.

Mass produced crayons are created with paraffin wax made from crude oil derived from fossil fuels. They contain toxins that children not only touch for extended periods of time but it's possible they'll stick their fingers in their mouth or the crayon itself! and the toxins could be ingested. Not to mention paraffin wax is not biodegradable, so most mass produced crayons are not sustainable.

I wanted to share her brand because I love her dedication to natural materials and the importance of diversity. Starting as a stay at home mom, creating these crayons out of her home, Sabine has since grown into a successful business owner in over 16 schools, 35 stores and The Container Store!

As she stated on her website "Making sure every one of our children understands that they are perfect - just as they are, is what I have been put on this Earth to do.

I hope these crayons can plant seeds of kindness, acceptance and unity – and most of all, friendships." Which couldn't ring more true.

These crayons come in two options, round and triangles, and you can find them on her website So grab a card here, head over to her site for your crayon set and let the kids draw and send some love in the mail this week. 💛

*pictures directly from her website

skin tone crayons

skin tone crayons

skin tone crayons

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