Surprise Card Grab Bag!

Today’s a great day to stock up on greeting cards! Announcing our brand new:

Surprise Card Grab Bag!

Surprise Card Grab Bags Teluna 

I have a lot of cards that are slightly off on color, slightly damaged or super overstocked. I can't bring myself to throw them away because they're still completely usable and most only I can tell there is something off!

I just can't sell them for full price. So instead I'm bringing you Surprise card grab bags! We’ll choose the cards for you and send a surprise bundle your way!

It's $25 for 10 cards (wholesale pricing woohoo!) Let me know in the notes if you have an upcoming event (wedding, baby shower, birthday, etc) and I'll try to include one of those in the bag!

And as always, each of our cards comes with a recycled kraft envelope, for easy sending.

Our mystery packs are a great way to stock up on a variety of cards so you’ll always have something ready to send, right when you need it.

Who will you be sending a card to this week? Happy writing!


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