Follow Along! #creativeprocess

I'm an artist first and business owner second. So for me, the best part about running my own business is of course the creation process. It's also my favorite part to see from other creative business owners. Obviously we like the fun products but I LOVE seeing how the artist actually made it. The time and detail and love and sweat and energy and heart that went into it. 

So if you're like me and you enjoy watching the process I invite you to follow Teluna on TikTok and Instagram! At 30 I never thought I'd say "follow me on TikTok" but here we are! lol I've been adding fun little behind the scenes and creation process videos. There I'll also share new products right when we get them in! 

P.S. new product launch next week. Any guesses? HINT: They're little and sticky...

xx Diana

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