Story Behind The Card - You Matter

The card: You Matter

The story: I used to work with a sweet bubbly woman who was very loving, a little over the top loud, and in need of a little extra attention in her life. Our employer, knowing her for almost 10 years used to treat her like family then slowly started to push her away. Her whole life was the job and I could tell each day it was hurting her more to be treated as though she was no longer important.

One day she came in and just started crying. I was heartbroken for her and all I could think to say was "no matter what anyone says, you're important and you hold a special place in this world." She certainly wasn't the only one who has hard days and needed to hear these words so I created my You Matter card. Because for who ever needs to hear it:

"In case no one told you today You Matter, You Are Loved, You Belong, You Hold A Special Place In This World"


P.S. I've had customers say they purchased this card for themselves and framed it somewhere like their bedroom or office. I love that idea!! 

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